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Way of Working

flexibleWe are flexible

We believe that creating an optimal work environment, where our people have the flexibility to organise their work that fits their individual needs, is key in creating a healthy balance. We want to establish this way of working by putting interaction, inspiration and creativity at the core of the research and development process. We provide our people with different options in terms of flexibility: working from home and adjusted working hours are some examples.

proactiveWe are proactive

“What can I do today to ensure success tomorrow?” Being proactive is our way of thinking and acting, bringing the future into the present, causing things to happen rather than responding after things have happened. We plan for the future, looking ahead and anticipating long-term outcomes as active participants rather than mere observers. We take ownership in our work. Procrastination is not an option!

communicativeWe are communicative

“Think before you speak, think twice before you send an email.” Our communication is professional, open and honest. Facts speak, not personalities or rumours. When possible, face-to-face or ear-to-ear communication is preferred. Communication is not a one-way highway: active listening is essential in good communication.

culturesWe are open towards other cultures and minds

We consider that cultures and minds can differ between people. Just because someone is doing something in another way or has another opinion does not mean it’s getting done badly or is wrong. Furthermore, we use the opportunity to learn from unknown procedure.

respectWe treat our colleagues and clients with respect

Treat your colleagues and clients with respect and you will earn respect. Appreciate a fellow colleague who does something extraordinary. Respect is a matter of trust: if you trust yourself, it is easier for you to trust others.

processesWe are open for other processes and plans

Time keeping and acknowledging common goal setting shows you respect the time and thoughts of others. Following jointly agreed processes and procedures matters and makes work flow without major hiccups.

ideaWe encourage everyone to come up with good ideas

We believe in continuous improvement and that healthy debate is needed to grow effectively in business. We also encourage raising issues and identifying possibilities for even better performance. We challenge, share and respect the ideas of others – asking “why not” rather than “why on earth”. In our decision-making, we do not neglect harsh facts and we go ahead with the ideas that are best for Asvito Holding.

resultsWe produce results

We believe everyone is capable of contributing to operational excellence every day and everywhere. We agree on targets at Group / unit / team / individual level and deliver what is agreed: on time and on budget. We celebrate success. We learn from that profitability is the foundation that enables Asvito to grow.

responsibilityWe take responsibility and accountability

In a world where problems are getting more and more complex, determined and innovative problem solving will flow from those who live as if help is not coming. Living with responsibility can make us stronger and more action-oriented individuals. It’s up to you to make change and take responsibility for outcomes in your professional life.